Sort Of

Over the years I have become far less enthusiastic about conversations with others that require me to speak about myself, while I am more than happy to have conversations about things other than myself. The odd exceptions do exist, but even there I find the urge weakening. I used to be someone who used to be really fascinated with people and what makes them tick. Age has more or less


The days have kind of melded into each other. Not so long ago, we were up there — 11,000 feet, to be precise — listening to the sweet tongue of the high mountain folk. A few days before that was the last time we were all together, laughing, smiling and making the best of the time together that, strangely, was caused by physical discomfort. There are so many smidgens of

The Consensus

Every human interaction builds up on something very simple: the common consensus. This underappreciated facet of humanity brings predictability to our lives and makes our daily existence a lot easier to manage. The consensus allows us to take it for granted that 99.99% of the times when we walk past a stranger they won’t spit on our faces or that they won’t slap us. It works in the other direction