Hello there,

Glad you have dropped by to check in on this page.

My name is Shyam Somanadh and this is my personal website and I live in Bangalore, India.

This website has only my personal writing and other things I share from time-to-time.

The photos attached to the posts are mostly shot by me and most of the tend to be from various trips. I am one of those people who strongly believe that you can never travel enough.

My work-related content is found on Frontiernxt and you can write to me at codelust.blog@gmail.com


Shyam Somanadh


  1. Hi Shyam,

    Just noticed the link at BCMT, and chose to visit. I must admit, I am NOT sorry to be here my friend. This site of yours shows the love you have for your work, and especially your life.

    Great connecting with you.

    – Prabhaker

    1. Prabhaker,

      Good to see you here too. Life has been an interesting one and I must admit that I have not always loved it, even when I never wanted to give up.

      And it has been a great pleasure to follow your EBC log on BCMT 🙂

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