Couple of days ago, I was listening to a talk, that about 200000 people die every day on this planet, while another 250000 are born within that same time period.

It would be easy to assume that of the first lot, most would not have wanted to die, yet they died. Of the others who lived, it would be safe to assume at least a part want to die because they feel miserable in life. Of the lot that are born, none would have done anything to decide they wanted to be born that way.

It is tremendously empowering to realize that we have so little control of our lives. We may take all the precautions we want to, eat safe, live safe, travel safe, but there is always yet another way to die that we would not have accounted for.

And it is just a simple luck of the draw that we did not die today. And that same logic holds for tomorrow and they many tomorrows to come after that. So much of planning, so much of worrying; and yet, all it takes is just a small change in the universe for it all to go wrong.

Couple of days ago, something really struck me, that most problems are mostly fine with me, as long as they are problems I can do something about. Of course, I would love to have no problems in life, but you will always have problems to solve if you live.

Problems that have possible solutions are far better than problems that don’t have solutions. You just have to bear them, see the ones close to you suffer with no possible way out of the suffering.

Compared to that, problems that have solutions are just equations that need to be solved. Those are better; any given day.