Even when I used to have a lot of time to spare, patience was not really one of my best virtues. To hold my ground and let life do its own thing was a concept that I could never grasp at all. As you can imagine, the lack of that virtue put me in situations that could have easily been avoided numerous times.

As I have grown older, it has become a bit easier to be a wee bit more patient that I was in my younger years. The reason why this turnaround happened is because of the fact that when you have a few more responsibilities other than yourself, sometimes, all you are left are bad choices. 

When you have to choose between two bad options, on certain occasions, life affords you the luxury of time. You can sit it out for a bit and wait for the circumstances to change. And, on more than a handful of occasions, I have seen this work out well. Just sit and do nothing; or don’t change anything.

That said, it is not easy to be patient. And even worse is the case when you know, more than ever, than time is precious, but you have to just hold your ground and let life do its two bits. Once the responsibility of what you do (in this case, what you do not do) sets in hard on you, it is hard to just shrug it off, do some crazy thing and run away.

I’m not sure this grown-up-adult thing suits me at all. But that is the game in town right now.