It is so meaningless; even when we have so many ways to measure it. We have seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, fortnights, months, years, decades, millennia. So little of it — months, years — have felt like amazing lifetimes. So much of it — months, years — have felt like nightmares that never ended.

The hours spent not being able to afford mourning a shattering loss as the threat of an even bigger one loomed large on the horizon. The seconds when the eyes open to the flicker of recognition. The enormity of that moment and of an unconditional love. Time is an eternity.

The medals turn into rusted metal. The titles turn into letters and sounds that bear no importance. Every moment is to be cherished like an eternity. Make every measure of time into a lifetime. Leave nothing to chance. Leave nothing unsaid. If another moment comes along, do it again. And again. And again.

And love like you have never loved before.

With everything that you have.

Without fear.

Without regret.

Without the fear — of not having enough time.