You left as quietly as you came, without making a sound. You were the best of us. You made us better than what we ever were. You travelled the world with us. Together, we watched the skies dance with magic. We laughed together. And we cried together. The little that we had together is more […]

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A suspended layer of cloud; half moon above it, an icy wonderland below. A midday sun, blindingly bright, struggling to break the ice on the ground. We are gliding gently, approaching the earth in a tube, full of people, that has no business being airborne. After a while, traveling across borders, the sameness overwhelms. The […]

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On Leaving

To those not from those parts, the stench of various things, unpleasant, on the platform at New Delhi Railway Station is something that strong memories are made of. But, one of my early strong memories of Delhi is not of the smell, but of the same railway platform. Sixteen-years-ago, I stood there, alone in every possible manner, […]

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The Run

It is some kind of a listlessness. Much like an ennui, but not completely that. There are fewer people, fewer conversations. The extraordinary reward in persisting with everyday’s ordinariness is more of the same ordinariness. A luxury such as deep thinking is possible when the riches of time are around aplenty. Poverty of time is the […]

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A Journey Without An End

As far as trips go, the last one was really tough. The summer heat made the plains much more unbearable a rite of passage to the high mountains. A fairly significant breakdown of our vehicle within the first 24-hours threw us off schedule. It made us wary that another similar episode later would see us being stranded in a remote place. There is […]

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Una Mattina

And when I close my eyes to the music, I can see the dust flowing off the wheels on a Jeep that is crossing a dusty plateau many thousand feet up in the mighty Himalayas. Once I used to dream of those places and life has been kind enough to me to make those dreams a reality; a reality […]

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This was a post that I had been waiting for long to write, I had even the right photo to go along with it — one from about fifteen-years-ago, of a mattress, an ashtray with a cigarette slowly burning in it, in the place I called home for those long years. A little while ago, […]

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It is life’s nature to demand changes from us regularly. Sometimes we give into those demands and make those changes, most times we ignore those demands and soldier on. I am no exception to that norm and have lived most of my life not making the changes life asked of me, leaving life with no option […]

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Manga, Maggoo And Grumpy

A little less of you return each time, till, eventually, only a shell returns. At least that was what I started this post with a few days ago. It was meant to be another of the ornate and obfuscated bits of writing that I am normally quite fond of writing. It would have covered a wonderful […]

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Fake It Till You Break

It is quite sad that we all now live lives that place an inordinate amount of importance on making us dislike ourselves for what don’t have than to like ourselves for what we have. All around me, I see people who are faking it till they make it, or at least fake it like they […]

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A hurried move to cover her bare neck was a gesture that was unexpected. It was an amusing reaction as I was neither looking at her neck; nor was it the case that I could see anything on her from the distance and the height that was I at. I was merely observing her emptying a bag of waste into a slope […]

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Empress Orchid, by Anchee Min

The book is quite an easy read; so easy that you can almost skip-and-read vast chunks of it and yet not miss much. The pacing is quite inconsistent too as there is no consistency in how time is taken into account in the book. Short events may take a long time at times and long […]

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